Statistics Assignment help

Statistics is a very challenging subject where a lot of interpretation, collection, analysis and presentation of data is required. Statistics is an important part of mathematics as it helps in solving different kinds of problem of socio economic, scientific data.

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Different subjects where statistics is applicable?

As explained above, statistics is a branch of mathematics which deal with organising the data to solve many problems of trade, physics, commerce, business.

  1. Business: Statistical data is required in business to understand the customer’s preference, to plan production, to check the quality of the product. Through statistical data, it is easy to manage the data and thus provide effective solution to the business.
  2. Economics: This is a vast subject about growth, economy and hence statistical data can be applied easily here to understand the inflation rate, national income, exports and imports, per capita income
  3. Mathematics: Various topics such as average, probability, description of measurement can be explained better through statistical charts.

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