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The demands and expectations that students place on university instructors are rising along with the times. The standard is progressively raised each year. As a result, the need for assignment assistance in Australia is rising.

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Regardless of your academic background—from first-year college student to completing your last project for a Ph.D.—our writers can offer you expert writing help on any topic at any level.

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A Manual for Writing Assignments

1. Enumerate your course’s primary learning objectives.

2. For the course, whatever writing task are you thinking about doing?

3. How will the writing task help you achieve your learning objectives?  Try to be as detailed as you can.

4. Which set of fundamental operations is your assignment based on?

5. How do these fundamental tasks connect to the writing that experts in your industry perform?

6. Could you give students some examples of brainstorming questions to get them going?

7. Based on what standards would you assess the completed essays?

8. Are there any examples of this kind of writing that you can show the students?

9. In the early draft stage, what characteristics will you be looking for or would you urge students to search for?

10. At the middle draft stage, what attributes will you be looking for, or will you be encouraging students to search for?

11. When it comes to the polished draft stage, what attributes will you be seeking or would you want students to seek?

12. Do you have “imperfect” examples of this task that you could provide?  In what way will they highlight the assignment’s drawbacks?

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